10 wild prospects to watch in 2022-23 (2023)

The Minnesota Wild has excelled at selecting top-level recruiting talent for years, and in return is often cited as arguably the best pool of prospects in the entire NHL. Judd Brackett, director of amateur scouting, gave the Wild an almost comical list of young players with potential to play in the NHL. With so many players to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down, but here are the ten crazy prospects every fan should know about in the 2022-23 season.

NHL hopes for the 2022-23 season

Marco Rossi

There should be no list of wildlife prospects without this exciting Austrian hub. The 20-year-old may only stand 5'11", but his 183-pound physique gives him a stocky build and his low center of gravity should complement his abilities at the starting point. Marco Rossi is as close as you can getbe a slash for the wild listnext season after a great 2021-22 season with the Iowa Wild. His skills make him an excellent two-way center, whose hockey IQ allows him to be equally dangerous on both ends of the ice, just as likely to pull off a smooth cross pass that can take down any opponent who comes forward.

GOAL OF EIN MARCO ROSSI POWERPLAY 🔥🔥https://t.co/T2o7CHS20r pic.twitter.com/iZqEXATBzU

— Iowa Wild (@IAWild)December 30, 2021

With the Wild in need of help on both the main and special teams, his talents are much needed. don't be surprisedRossi in Calder interviewas a result of this season.

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Kalen Addison

If you're looking for a fast defender with great offensive potential, 22-year-old Calen Addison is for you. The 5-foot-11 defensive tackle was a 2018 second-round pick by the Pittsburgh Penguins.acquired from wildlings in trade with Jason Zuckerjust after picking up nine points on his way to gold at the 2020 World Youth Championship. After experiencing some NHL tastes last season, it looks like a spot on the roster has opened up for him to claim as a wild send.About veteran Dmitry Kulikov and Anaheim. His ability to make power plays was demonstrated last season with the Iowa Wild, when he had 27 assists and 34 points in just 43 games. With Minnesota in need of a shake-up to get its own power play back on track, it shouldn't come as a surprise to put it in the first unit right away.

The Best Prospects You'll Find in Iowa

adam beckmann

Last year the surprise of the internship was the third classified of 2019adam beckmann. The 6-foot-1 now Canadian broke through the Western Hockey League (WHL) before spending his 2021-22 season with the Iowa Wild. While he may not have matched the caliber of skills he displayed in training camp, it's clear he has an elite shot to match his skill and intelligence. The Sharpshooter is likely to enjoy another season in Iowa, but with Jordan Greenway injured, the opportunity to struggle in training camp could be there.

Jesper Wallstedt

The best goaltender in the world has dropped to the Wild 20th overall in the 2021 draft, and the Iowa Wild will benefit from that in the 2022-23 season when Jesper Wallstedt starts hisprofessional ice hockey career in North America. The 19-year-old is the definition of knee-calm and rarely looks flustered no matter the game situation. His strong skating and puck-tracking skills would also translate to the American Hockey League (AHL) following a performance at the late 2022 World Youth Championship (WJC) where he was named the best goaltender of the tournament with a bronze medal.

What would happen if previous Junior World Cup matches were not cancelled? Jesper Wallstedt had an impressive stoppage of 48 saves before the winter tournament was cancelled.
This is how Wallstedt stats want it, we count all WJC matches in 2022.#mnsalvaje#WorldJuniors pic.twitter.com/MqTPyzEuXl

(Video) IOWA WILD EXPECTATIONS | 2022-23 AHL Season | Minnnesota Wild Farm Team Prospects | Judd'z Budz

— MNW Young Guns (@mnwprospects)August 21, 2022

Wallstedt's web presence already has a subtlety rarely seen at such a young age, which bodes well for Wild fans hoping to see him in Minnesota sooner rather than later.

Ryan O´Rourke

Captain of the Soo Greyhounds for the 2021-22 season, the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) honored first-team All-Star and made the 2022 WJC Gold Medal Team. Ryan O'Rourke is an interesting defenseman who has played in nearly all categories, but it doesn't really have that one-star quality. His aggressive and aggressive playing style is well known as he never goes through a turn and often fights for the puck across the ice. With solid skating, good hockey IQ, clever stick use, and an absolute slap monster; It looks like he's a good season away from developing a niche that could lead to an NHL roster spot.

Insights you need to find elsewhere

carson lambos

Carson Lambos is a solid two-way defender that the Wild beat with their second pick in the first round of the 2021 draft. He has shown steady growth with the Winnipeg ICE in the Western Hockey League (WHL), winning a gold medal in the 2022 WJC despite play just one game after being dropped from the roster after a poor showing in the first game. He will look to bounce back strongly in training camp and showcase his skills in what will likely be his final season in the WHL.

rock faber

The newly named University of Minnesota captain was sent via trade to the Los Angeles Kings.old roxoThe other way. Wild fans will hold a special place in their hearts for this local Shutdown defender, who also received theCaptain of Team USA at WJC 2022. He has a very low defensive style that stifles the other team's offense in a style reminiscent of current Wild defender Jonas Brodin. Don't be surprised if you check out the wild list at the end of the season.

10 wild prospects to watch in 2022-23 (1)
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Liam Ogren

With two first-round picks in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, the Wild went low on one player and high on another. At 19th overall, Liam Ohgren was selected as a player who is almost guaranteed to be a solid top 9 winger in the NHL, but may lack the ability to become a true elite player. He is known for his two-way game, a strong skating skill that drives the pace of the game, and a deadly shot. He will play with Djurgardens in Sweden in the 2022/23 season, but due to his maturity he could switch to the North American game as early as 2023/24.

Danila Jurav

The Wild's second first-round pick in the 2022 draft was used to select Russian forward Danila Yurov. He was ranked in the top 10 by many potential ratings, but due to the current political situation in Russia combined with his lack of production at Metallurg Magnitogorsk in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), fluctuating volumes saw him drop to 24th overall in the Age of wild back ice.

Danila Yurov scores his first goal of the season with a fantastic strike.

(Video) 2022-2023 10WA Wild intro #10wagrown

You finished the game with 1G, 1A, 2P and 2SOG in 13:15 TOI#mnsalvaje pic.twitter.com/eloiPyPDYS

- Z falado (@SpokedZ)September 8, 2022

He will look to win Ice Age again with Metallurg in the 2022-23 season, but Wild fans should hope they don't have to wait as long for a top six finish as their current Russian star Kirill Kaprizov.

Marat Khusnutdinov

One player Wild fans are already pushing for North America is second-round pick Marat Khusnutdinov. He may be a little small at just 5ft 1in, but this center is truly a two-way player and his recoil is exceptional. His calling cards for speed and strong transitional play have already earned him three points from four games this season with SKA St. Louis. Petersburg in the KHL, where he is fromSigned until the 2023/24 season.While his arrival in the NHL is still several years away, it's worth watching to see what he'll bring when he finally lands in Minnesota.

Wild has worldwide prospects

With their potential pool at an all-time high, the Savages are poised to have a steady stream of talent for years to come. What's most exciting for fans is that not only are they rooting for the Wild (Minnesota and Iowa), but teams from around the world are filled with young stars in the making. By becoming familiar with some of these players now, you can not only follow their NHL careers, but also see them develop as they play key roles on local teams. One of the best ways to get closer to a future NHL All-Star is to support home games at smaller stadiums.


Who are the top pipeline prospects in the NHL? ›

Top Five Prospects: Mackie Samoskevich, Justin Sourdif, Grigori Denisenko, Kasper Puutio, Michael Benning. The Panthers' prospect pool has looked a whole lot leaner since Spencer Knight and Anton Lundell (first-round picks in 2019 and 2020 respectively) broke into the NHL full-time during the 2021-22 season.

Who is the best player on the Minnesota Wild 2022? ›

Minnesota Wild @ NHL - 2021‑2022 Stats
per 60 Even-Strength
1Kirill Kaprizov1.551
2Kevin Fiala1.408
3Mats Zuccarello0.945
6 more rows

Who has the most goals for the MN Wild? ›

Minnesota Wild Career Leaders
  • Playoff Record: 32-58.
  • Record (W-L-T-OTL): 839-640-55-165 (1898 points)
  • All-time Goals Leader: Marián Gáborík, 219.
  • All-time Points Leader: Mikko Koivu, 709.
  • Most Goals, Season: Kirill Kaprizov (2021-22), 47.
  • Most Points, Season: Kirill Kaprizov (2021-22), 108.

Who is the best player on the wild? ›

Contact Elite Prospects
1.Mikko Koivu (C)1028
2.Marián Gáborík (RW/LW)502
3.Zach Parise (LW/RW)558
4.Jared Spurgeon (D)826
27 more rows

Who is the number 1 prospect? ›

Prospect Rankings
1Gunnar HendersonBaltimore Orioles
2Corbin CarrollArizona Diamondbacks
3Francisco ÁlvarezNew York Mets
4Jordan WalkerSt. Louis Cardinals
1 more row

What NHL team has best prospect pool? ›

1-ranked Buffalo Sabres! Prospect Pool Rankings EP Rinkside 2022 NHL Prospect Pool Rankings: No. 2-ranked Minnesota Wi... October 11th 2022, 12:30 The EP Rinkside Prospect Pool Rankings continues with a look at the Minnesota Wild and their second-ranked system.


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