11 Best Roadside Assistance Plans (2023) (2023)

Next, let's take a detailed look at the best roadside assistance plans. All of these plans come standardroadside assistanceEquipment: traction, starting assistance, lock, installation of a spare wheel and fuel supply. We'll highlight what sets each plan apart in terms of coverage and benefits.

1. Club of a better world

Better World Club is our number one choice for roadside assistance insurance. It offers two affordable plans and some useful extras. The Basic and Premium plans are comparable to AAA's Basic and Plus plans. Basic Roadside Assistance covers towing up to five miles and Premium covers towing up to 100 miles.

What makes it unique

The main feature that makes Better World Club unique is that it is a CO2 neutral roadside assistance provider. This means that the company buys carbon offsets to offset the amount of carbon it produces, including emissions through its fleet of road service providers.

  • Both plans include game service, while the Premium plan comes with two gallons of fuel for free
  • Electric car owners get a discount on roadside assistance packages
  • Benefits include up to $1,500 in trip interruption, hotel discounts and free physical cards
  • Better World Club waives the $15 sign-up fee if you upgrade to AAA


Better World Club has two plans: Basic and Premium. Basic costs $61.95 per year while Premium costs $99.95 per year. Both have a $15 registration fee, unless you're returning with AAA.

2. God Himself

Good Sam is a member club that offers roadside assistance, car and RV insurance, extended RV warranties, travel discounts and more. It offers three roadside assistance plans and three RV roadside assistance plans. The three automatic plans are Platinum, Platinum+ and Platinum Complete. All plans include towing to the nearest network facility.

What makes it unique

A stunning feature of Good Sam Roadside Assistance is that all plans automatically cover spouses and children under the age of 25. Both AAA and Better World Club require fees to add family members.

  • Higher plans include emergency medical referrals during travel
  • All plans include assistance with animal transportation
  • All plans offer AAMCO discounts, the Platinum+ plan includes hotel discounts and car insurance


Good Sam memberships range from $99.95 to $179.95 per year, which is more expensive than AAA. However, this is the first time the company is offering offers to members. At the time of publication you can save 50% by signing up as a new member.

3. All state

Allstate offers the most comprehensive roadside assistance program of any insurance company and ranks third on our list of the best roadside assistance plans. There are actually four ways to get roadside assistance from Allstate:

  • Road Advantage Plan (towing up to 10 miles)
  • Roadside Elite Plan (towing up to 100 miles)
  • Supplemental Plan (Allstate Motor Insurance customers only)
  • Payment according to usage plan

What makes it unique

Here are some unique things about Allstate's plans:

  • Advantage and Elite plans include trip interruptions of up to $1,500
  • Advantage covers road hazard tire repairs up to $100 twice a year and Elite covers up to $250 tire repairs twice a year
  • Advantage covers up to five service calls and Elite covers up to seven service calls per year


Allstate's pay-per-use plan is unique. You don't have to pay a membership fee - you only pay for services when you need them. Towing costs start at $154 per move on this plan.

The Advantage plan starts at $89 for the first year and costs $105 per year after that. The cost of the Elite plan is $164 for the first year, then $179 per year thereafter. You can pay for your membership annually or monthly.

If you're an existing Allstate customer, you can get an add-on plan for just $25 a month. car insurance period.

4. Passengers

Travelers is another insurance company that offers comprehensive road plans. The company offers customers two roadside assistance plans: Standard Roadside Assistance and Premier Roadside Assistance®. The Standard plan covers towing up to 15 miles while the Premier plan covers up to 100 miles.

What makes it unique

The Premier plan includes stops and protection of personal belongings.

  • Trip Interruption reimburses up to $200 per day ($600 total) for food, lodging and meals if it breaks down more than 100 miles from home
  • Personal property insurance reimburses up to $500 for stolen or damaged items under a comprehensive, collision or glass claim.


Travelers do not advertise the prices of their roadside extras. You will need to get a quote or call the agent to see how much it will cost.


AARP members can get discounts on Allstate roadside assistance plans. Two available options designed specifically for AARP members are Assist and Elite. Assist covers 10 miles of towing and Elite covers up to 100 miles. Both have options for individual drivers, couples and families with varying numbers of rescues per year:

  • Easy:Two saves on Assist or four saves on Elite
  • Par:Three assists or five Elite saves
  • Family:Five saves on Assist or seven saves on Elite

What makes it unique

AARP versions of Allstate plans have fewer benefits than standard versions. Neither plan includes stops, only the Elite plan includes tire repair/replacement (up to $250 twice a year).


AARP Roadside Assist costs $66 for the first year and $83 annually after renewal. The Elite plan costs $131 for the first year and $143 per year after renewal. You can pay for an annual or monthly plan. If you're an AARP member, these lower prices can make Allstate one of the best roadside assistance plans for you.

6. Geiko

Geico is one of the cheapest options for additional road coverage. Its program doesn't have many extras, but it's a reliable option for those with Geico insurance policies. Geico includes towing to the nearest repair shop - you pay extra miles.

What makes it unique

Geico Roadside Assistance includes all standard services and games. The Geico app can help roadside assistance find you. The plan includes lock-in support up to $100. In addition, you won't find extras like trip interruption with roadside assistance.


Geico Roadside Assistance starts at just $14 per year per car. That's a good price if you want basic insurance to help you get stuck on the side of the road.

7. Reciprocal freedom

Liberty Mutual is another affordable option if you already have car insurance with the company (or want to switch). You can add online reach if you are already a customer. Like Geico, Liberty Mutual includes towing to the nearest repair shop.

What makes it unique

Liberty Mutual's roadside assistance plan covers the basics: towing, flat battery, emergency fuel delivery, flat tire assistance and lockout service. In addition, Roadside Assistance does not offer any benefits. Rental car insurance can be obtained independently from Liberty Mutual.


According to our research, Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance costs about $12 to $20 per year, making it an affordable basic insurance option.

8. AAA

AAA is the nation's largest provider of roadside assistance services. It consists of 32 motorcycle clubs that have slightly different service offerings and prices, but you'll see the same Basic, Plus, and Premier plans no matter where you shop.

For towing, Basic includes towing back to an eligible truck stop, AAA Car Care facility within 10 miles, or another garage within three miles. Plus covers towing up to 100 miles and Premier covers up to 200 miles per year.

What makes it unique

AAA membership offers a wide variety of plan options and benefits:

  • All plans include gambling, travel accident insurance, trip interruption, road accident legal defense and car theft compensation (benefits vary by plan)
  • The Premier plan includes an allowance for car rental, travel concierge and home lock service
  • The Plus and Premier plans include free fuel to get you to the next gas station if you run out of gas

Check out oursAAA roadside assistance reviewfor details on coverage fees and limits for each plan. You can also getauto insurance from AAAplus other financial services.


The basic AAA plan costs $64 per year, the Plus plan costs $94 per year, and the Premier plan costs $124 per year. Additional members cost $35/$40/$50, depending on plan. Prices may vary slightly depending on the AAA club in your area.

9. Throughout the country

Nationwide offers two roadside assistance programs through Agero. Basic covers towing up to 15 miles while Plus covers towing up to 100 miles and adds stopover coverage. Nationwide Road Assistance is only available to customers who have car insurance.

What makes it unique

There are a few things to note about Landsdækdende roadside assistance.

  • Nationwide offers $100 for locksmith services that can be key replacement or ignition repair (not just car unlocking)
  • Plan Plus includes trip stopover benefits of up to $500 per incident ($100 per day) if you are stranded at least 100 miles from home


Nationwide offers pricing on par with other add-on plans. Our research shows that plans cost between $23 and $42 per year.

10. Progressive

Progressive offers additional roadside assistance through Ager, as does Nationwide. The difference is that Progressive only offers one plan. It includes a tow to any store within a 15 mile radius, but will tow the car further if there is no store within that radius.

What makes it unique

While Progressive and Nationwide use the Agero network of providers, Progressive has a few differences:

  • Progressive will tow electric cars to the nearest charging station
  • The scope is one hour of work, which can cover minor repairs such as fixing leaks or electrical problems
  • It progressively turns on the games if your car gets stuck within 100 feet of the road's trajectory
  • You can get roadside assistance for your motorcycle, boat, camper or truck


Our data shows that progressive roadside assistance costs between $30 and $60 per year, depending on the vehicle. This is the highest tier for add-on plans and is comparable to the car club's basic plans.

11. PGR

State Farm rounds out our list of the best roadside assistance plans. State Farm offers only one supplemental plan for auto insurance customers. The plan includes towing to the nearest workshop and other basic services.

What makes it unique

The State Farm Roadside Assistance Plan doesn't offer extras like trip stoppage or rental car insurance, but you can get insurance options like these separately in your car insurance. The schedule includes an hour of mechanical work related to transmission problems, battery changes, fluid leaks and other issues.


We found that State Farm roadside assistance costs about $30 a year. This is basic, but you can get the job done if you're already a State Farm customer.

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