17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (2023)

Conquest class cruise shipCarnival gloryfirst set sail in 2003 with its legendary nightclubs, pools, water slides and shops, but the ship recently received some upgrades in 2012 when Carnival upgraded the ship to Fun Ship 2.0 standards (adding Guy's Burger Joint restaurants, along with several other new restaurants and bars), and then in 2017

Carnival glory statistics

  • gross tonnage:110.000
  • Passenger capacity:2.980
  • passenger deck:13
  • Crew members:1.150
  • lenght:952 to be
  • Registered service:in 2003

Recent remodels included the addition of a new WaterWorks feature. WaterWorks is Carnival's onboard water park with a giant slide, racing slides and more, made for both kids and kids at heart.

With a crew of just over a thousand, the ship can accommodate up to 3,750 guests, but the normal capacity is around 3,000.

If you have been thinking about getting oneCarnival glorycruise this year, here's everything you need to add to your itinerary for the best possible time.

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  • Carnival glory statistics
  • 1. Kabiny
  • 2 packages
  • 3. Carnival Glory Casual Spectacular clothing
  • 4. Restaurant Karnevalska slava
  • 5. Treats on board
  • 6. Glory Carnival Hall
  • 7. Serenity for adults only
  • 8. Dr. Sus for children
  • 10. Shops of carnival fame
  • 12. Relax in the spa
  • 13. Stir and mix
  • 14. Open deck
  • 15. Ribbons of carnival glory
  • 16. Play some games
  • 17. Casino
  • Carnival Prizes of Glory
  • Is the Carnival Glory a good ship?
  • Has Carnival Glory been rebuilt?
  • How many pools are there at Carnival Glory?
  • Ready to go?
  • Flota Carnival Cruise Line

1. Kabiny

Before going on a cruise, choose the cabin that suits you best as it could affect your cruise. After all, you want to make sure you have all the space you need to enjoy a relaxing time away from all your cares and worries.

TheCarnival glorythe cabins are some of the largest you will find in the industry, and some of them have their own balconies. If you choose an outside cabin, in addition to the bed, you will have over 200 square meters of space with seating.

  • Total number of apartments:54
  • Total number of cabins:1.436

Near the Children's Center, there are also family cabins equipped with a bathtub (because if you are a traveling parent who has washed a little one in the shower at least once, you know how painful it can be).

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Of course, there are also larger luxury cabins with balconies, more space and additional amenities. The cabin you choose depends on your travel needs and price range.

2 packages

Ok, you've chosen the perfect cabin, boarded and now you're ready to start your great sailing adventure. What else do you need to make this trip unforgettable?

Start downloadCarnival Cruise Line Hub App. The most popular cruise app with 5.1 million downloads helps you make the most of your time on board.

You can manage your reservations, purchase shore excursions, schedule spa treatments, book dinners, manage your Wi-Fi package and have items delivered to your cabin, all from your smartphone.

Additionally, the newest feature is the Pizza Anywhere feature, which allows you to literally order pizza from anywhere on board, at any time. It's pizza on demand!

3. Carnival Glory Casual Spectacular clothing

If you are hungry and want to eat something on the go, you canCarnival glorythere are many dining options to satisfy any desire you may have at any given time.

There's also the newer Guy's Burger Joint, which has become a real hit on all Carnival cruise ships, serving up some of the best burgers at sea, all from your favorite TV chef, Guy Fieri.

17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (1)

When it comes to tacos and tequila, there's no other place to go than BlueIguana Cantina, another Carnival cruise favorite. The Lido Restaurant offers informal dining throughout the day with options for any type of cuisine you desire.

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There's the Seafood Shack for delicious lobster rolls; Pizza Pirate for all types of pizza at any time of the day; Antique grill for slow cooking special cuts of meat; Carnival Deli for your favorite New York-style kosher sandwiches; breakfast grill for a good start to the day; A comfortable kitchen for all your ribs; and more.

4. Restaurant Karnevalska slava

Of course, not all meals on boardCarnival gloryhe is relaxed. There are many opportunities to fantasize and try the best of sailing cuisine.

You can even join the fun with cooking demonstrations to help you hone your skills for later use at home, or enjoy a chef's choice meal that shows just how well the carnival chefs know their craft.

17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (2)

For tantalizing steakhouse classics, Steakhouse Selections is your choice; classic brunch is available with Seaday Brunch, including Bloody Mary's; Chef's Table brings you close to the action, on a private tour of the kitchens and a meal with the best dishes from our chefs; and the dining room offers a classic three-course dinner in an exclusive setting without any frills.

5. Treats on board

But sometimes you just need a treat, right? Don't have a big fancy meal? Just something tasty?

If so, you must stop by Swirls for your choice of ice cream or frozen yogurt. This is the perfect item for a sunny day at sea.

Is your weakness more a variety of coffee than sweet treats? Then stop by the cafe for the best coffee and cakes.

6. Glory Carnival Hall

Now, after all that food, you might want to sign offCarnival glorythe gym to make sure you don't put on extra pounds during the week at sea. That's good, the gym is pretty good.

It spans 15,000 square feet filled with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, all with stunning ocean views. They've positioned the equipment to face the floor-to-ceiling windows, so you'll always have a good seat in the house, whether you're rowing, riding an exercise bike, working a few miles on the treadmill, or just enjoying a little free weight.

17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (3)

If you choose to exercise outdoors, you can run on the upper deck, where a running track surrounds the ship's funnel. If you do not prefer to train alone, there is also the possibility of group training.

7. Serenity for adults only

So you're on a family cruise. While spending time with family is definitely fun, you can spend some time alone, right? There's nothing wrong with that! Just escape for a few hours to the adults-only section of Serenity.

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The exclusive setting has its own pool and bar so you can relax in peace without a shout or splash in sight.

8. Dr. Sus for children

If you haven't heard, Dr. Seuss has a big business with carnival cruises. The Fun Ships enthusiastically embraces everything from the famous author, organizing many family events and activities around some of Seuss' most beloved characters.

17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (4)

Take part in a fairy tale with the Cat in the Hat, taste green eggs and ham for breakfast, and even take part in a fun parade for all ages.

9. Games and activities

Everyone likes to have fun, but some of us prefer to play alone. For these people, the carnival offers many ways to have fun. Take part in a Lip Sync battle to show off your amazing musical moves.

Join the game at the Hasbro Game Show and play larger family games to compete against other cruisers for great prizes. Or go to a karaoke bar and sing your favorite songs.

10. Shops of carnival fame

If you like to shop, you don't have to wait for days at the beach to start shopping on boardCarnival glory.

17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (5)

Kruzer offers duty-free shopping, so you can choose some of your favorite brands and enjoy them tax-free from the comfort of your cabin. Whether it's luxury clothing, liquors you can't find at home, or even a gift for someone, you'll find it.

11. Comedies and Las Vegas

There is almost always a show on this cruise ship. No matter what your favorite types of programs are, you're almost certain to find one you like. Do you like musicals? Check. Comedies? Check.

Drama? Check! Plus talent on boardCarnival gloryit is truly out of this world, from the actors and actresses to the technical talent that combines set design and visual effects. You won't believe your eyes!

12. Relax in the spa

Carnival Spa offers a variety of wonderful treatments that will allow you to truly relax and rejuvenate before heading home.

Whether you enjoy classic spa treatments like a simple massage or facial, or are interested in newer treatments that help with aging or skin problems, this menu of spa treatments has a little bit of everything. Come in and get ready for the new person to leave!

13. Stir and mix

Are you a solo traveler and want to meet your cruise buddies? Or maybe you just want to meet a new couple to hang out with and maybe go on a double date in the dining room? Either way, there are plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle on boardCarnival glorycruise.

There are so many fun social spaces to explore! From the atrium to the promenade, from the various bars to the library, there is always a place to meet other travelers.

14. Open deck

If you dream that you are going on vacation, lying by the pool with a drink in hand and doing nothing else, then you are in luck, becauseCarnival gloryprovides exactly that experience in its four pools.

17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (6)

That's right - four! If one is crowded, you can just move on to the next one because there is always another place to sunbathe around the corner.

15. Ribbons of carnival glory

If you want to sit in the shade with a drink in hand, of course there are plenty of options for that. Whatever bar experience you want, you'll find it.

RedFrog Rum Bar offers rum-based Caribbean drinks; Bar Alchemy serves cool cocktails to order; BlueIguana Tequila Bar offers you - what else? - lots of tequila; and that's just scratching the surface!

In addition, you can try an exclusive carnival drink.

17 things to do on a Carnival Glory cruise (7)

For people who like to try craft beers, this is the only place to get them! And if you're more into cocktails, show off your mad mixology skills at mixology competitions.

16. Play some games

Take advantage of your competition while having fun with your family. The miniature golf course is the perfect place to teach your kids how to putt before you give them a quick blast. There are many more games on top, from corn hole to table tennis. But if it's time to go below deck, you can play in the video arcades, where classic and brand new arcade games are available in abundance.

17. Casino

Are you feeling a little lucky? So try it yourselfCarnival gloryon-board casino. From blackjack to slots, poker to roulette, they have all your favorite live dealer games and digital casino games.

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Carnival Prizes of Glory

Is the Carnival Glory a good ship?

Although the Conquest-class cruiser is starting to show its age, it offers an unforgettable vacation. Carnival Glory is a big ship and does not take away from the experience that newer ships can offer.

Has Carnival Glory been rebuilt?

Carnival glory was renovated for the last time at the beginning of 2017. The ship received new carpets, wall coverings and generally updated public areas. There were also crew improvements.

How many pools are there at Carnival Glory?

There are many ways to enjoy yourself on board, including four swimming pools and seven hot tubs. The aft pool has a retractable glass roof and is for adults only.

Ready to go?

All of the above can easily fill an entire cruise, but once you're on board there's plenty more to do, see and enjoyCarnival gloryfirst time. Sound like your place? Then start planning yoursCarnival glorycruise today!

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