2021-22 Minnesota's Top 10 Wild Prospects: NHL Boatmen (2023)

Under General Manager Bill Guerin, The Wild has one of the best prospect pools despite the graduation of Rookie of the Year Kirill Kaprizov. Kaprizov's list as a founding player under 25 includes Kaapo Kahkonen, Joel Eriksson Ek, Kevin Fiala and Jordan Greenway.

Just two years into his tenure as general manager, Guerin had two successful draft picks, top 10 picks in 2020 and two first-round picks in the 2021 draft. The bottom half of the table has less impact, but there is potential for NHL players.

  1. Marco Rossi, C – Wild Iowa (AHL)

Alter: 20
Height/Weight: 5-9/183
Produced: 2020 round one, 9ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

Rossi was a hopeful candidate to enter the NHL shortly after her draft and compete with Kaprizov for Calder as the NHL's top rookie. A life-threatening COVID outbreak cost him to miss the entire season. He missed a pivotal year in his development when he couldn't even train, let alone play hockey. Now that he's back to health, the Wilds wisely assigned him to play in the AHL, and he's playing very well despite giving up a point for game production.

Rossi is only an undersized player on paper, his core and baseline strength is above average. Rossi led the CHL in his draft year with an impressive 120 points in just 56 games with the Ottawa 67. Rossi is a very experienced playmaker; He excels at reading plays and finding options that others cannot. He bikes and protects the puck well with quick hands and a strong lower body to turn and isolate himself from early control. His vision is just as effective on defense, anticipating and intercepting plays and passes.

Overall, Rossi seems to be one of the best Austrian players of all time. He's a complete player and could be the franchise's No. 1 center later this season.

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  1. Jesper Wallstedt, G – Lulea HF (SHL)

Alter: 19
Height/Weight: 6-3/214
Produced: 2021 first round, 20ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

Goalkeepers often take longer to develop and their potential is often difficult to predict. There are a few exceptions, like Spencer Knight, and Wild hopes he's found a prospect with a similar track record.

A very advanced goalie for his age, Wallstedt has solid feet and legs, follows pucks well, controls rebounds and is always in a good position to block pucks. He's an athletic, butterfly-style hybrid with good skateability and edges that allow him to pace up and down quickly and take quick, powerful side kicks to clear plenty of space. He is calm under pressure and his handling also allows him to move the puck.

Already in his second full season in the SHL at the age of 19, he is putting in impressive numbers with 1.82 GAA and 0.923% SV in 17 games. Keep an eye out for Wallstedt coming to North America and watch him adjust to smaller ice and different angles in the AHL before he starts as a starting goaltender in the NHL. Given Wallstedt's potential and the Wilden's current goal depth, there's little reason to doubt he'll be the goalkeeper of choice for the foreseeable future for the foreseeable future.

  1. Matt Boldy - Iowa Savage (AHL)

Alter: 20
Ht/Weight: 6-2/201
Produced: 2019 round one, 12ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

Boldy is a member of one of the largest classes in USNTDP history, with the class of 2001 dominating the first round of the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. That class culminated in the 2021 WJC gold medal and Boldy played a key role, scoring five and seven goals points in seven games. Boldy spent two NCAA development seasons at Boston College and after a slow start as a freshman, ended his Eagles career with 20 goals and 57 points in 56 career games. After his sophomore season, the Wilden signed him and assigned him to the AHL, where he had 18 points in his last 14 games.

Boldy is a great winger with a quick and accurate shot. It's a high-volume scorer and shooter with underrated vision and playability. One possible area in his game would be skating, as he's average at best at the NHL level. Boldy started this season in the AHL and got off to a strong start with four goals and seven points in as many games before suffering a lower body injury.

  1. Carson Lambos, D – Winnipeg Eis (WHL)

Alter: 18
Height/Weight: 6-1/196
Produced: 2021 round one, 26ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

The Winnipeg native was the second overall pick in the 2018 WHL Bantam Draft by Kootenay. The team moved to their hometown for their rookie year the following season and Lambos scored 32 points in 57 games. After a very good rookie year, the pandemic hit and he found time to play in Finland and play for the JYP U20 squad before the WHL restarted. Lambos only played in two games before an injury ended his season and he competed with Team Canada in the under-18 tournament.

Despite the disappointing draft year, he was still a first-round pick and it looks like the Wild got a bargain by taking him in 26th place.ºgenerally. Back in the WHL with a strong Winnipeg roster, he has five goals and 18 points in 19 games and was named to Team Canada's provisional WJC roster.

Lambos is a good size and an above average skater with a powerful stride. The hallmark of his game is his strong kicking and attacking style of play. Lambos also shows solid defensive play with good positional awareness and an active racquet. He makes good use of his size as he tries to play a physical game. If all goes well for Lambos, the Wild could have a future top defender who can provide offensive support, play big minutes and be effective in every situation.

  1. Adam Beckman, LW – Salvaje Iowa (AHL)

Alter: 20
Height/Weight: 6-1/183
Produced: Third round 2019, 75ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

Beckman had a breakout season in his D+1 year with Spokane in the WHL with 107 points in 63 games. His league-leading goals (48) and points earned him WHL Player of the Year honors. The pandemic presented Beckman with an opportunity to earn an AHL preview, and he scored five points in nine games before returning to the WHL. Beckman has now reached the professional level. and after a strong preseason, he made his NHL debut with one assist in three games.

The ability Beckman will bring to the NHL is his shooting ability. He has a deceptive shot, sticks the needle in the defenders' feet. Beckman can shoot with both feet, scoring from long range and close-up. His skating needs some development but his overall development cannot be underestimated as he continues to play well at all levels. Beckman is arguably the fastest growing prospect of the Wilds, with a top 6 winger who can be a power play specialist.

  1. Jack Peart, D – St. Cloud State University (NCAA)

Alter: 18
Height/Weight: 5-11/185
Produced: 2021 second round, 54ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

Peart split his draft season between the USHS and the USHL. He dominated Grand Rapids High with 35 points in 18 games and earned him the Mr. Hockey title as Minnesota's top high school player. His performance carried over to higher competition in the USHL, with 15 points in 24 games for the Fargo Force and an additional seven points in nine playoff games. His D+1 year sees him as a freshman in the NCAA, where at 18 he continues to impress with ten points in 12 games playing big minutes with the Huskies.

Peart may not have any special skills that stand out as elite in his game, but his overall effectiveness is undeniable. He offers a subtle mix of solid play on both offense and defense and always seems to be making the right play or being in the right position. Peart is a smart player who can record big minutes and provide offensive support and is a good midfielder moving to the NHL.

  1. Calen Addison, D – Iowa Wild (AHL)

Alter: 21
Height/Weight: 5-11/172
Produced: second round 2018, 53thirdOverall for Pittsburgh Penguins

A clever acquisition by Guerin in trading Jason Zucker to Pittsburgh. Addison is an attacking defenseman who is about to be ready for the NHL. Addison had a stellar junior career, crowned by player points per game in his final season in the WHL. He played a key role for Canada at WJC 2020 with nine points from seven games to help win gold. As an AHL rookie last year, he scored an impressive 22 points and earned an NHL memorabilia by playing in three games. Addison continues to develop at the AHL level and was again called up to the NHL and scored his first career NHL goal.

A bit short, he makes up for it with his speed in picking up pucks, closing gaps and creating time and space for himself. Despite its size, it protects the drive well and does not hesitate to play a physical game. His best offensive skill is his vision and play, and he projects himself as the Wild's future quarterback. His shot can be more dangerous and his defense is still developing.

  1. Alexander Khovanov, C – Salvaje Iowa (AHL)

Alter: 21
Height/Weight: 5-10/198
Drafted: 2018 third round, 86thºoverall from Minnesota Wild

The Russian tank is a very skillful and very aggressive player. He was a prolific junior-level offensive producer in the QMJHL as a points-per-game or better player in each of his three seasons at Moncton, notable for a final 99 points in 51 games that season. Khovanov was a key factor for Russia at WJC 2020, scoring eight points from seven games and helping Russia to a silver medal.

He returned to Russia during the pandemic and recorded 24 points and 50 PIM in 30 VHL games. However, his offensive production has yet to translate to a professional level. He played seven KHL games last year and was ruled worthless. Back in North America, he started the season in the ECHL and had six points after eight games to get a call up to the AHL. He has one point in five games with the Wilds while continuing to gain experience at the professional level.

Khovanov has a highly skilled pair of hands, excellent puck control, and NHL-level plays and vision. He's also a talented goalscorer and plays a gritty and evil style of play. His skating is below average and there are some character issues as well. Khovanov is a bit of a wildcard player, if he can pull it all together he could be an impactful player in the top 6 with guts and offense. Or it can be a mistake.

  1. Ryan O'Rourke, D - Soo Greyhounds (OHL)

Alter: 19
Height/Weight: 6-1/179
Produced: 2020 second round, 39ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

Developed as a defensive tackle, O'Rourke has since developed his offensive play. In his D+1 season, his point production went from 22 to 37 points in eight fewer games. The OHL hiatus gave him an opportunity to play against men in the AHL last year when he was 18 and he's done well. His offensive performance was subtle with one goal and seven points in 33 games, but he played well and gained valuable experience. O'Rourke returned to the OHL for his final season where he can continue to develop his offensive game and he has 19 points in 21 games and is poised to play a key role for Canada at the WJC in Edmonton.

O'Rourke still projects himself as a defensive player in the NHL who can clock up big minutes, provide leadership and stability on defense, and provide offensive support.

  1. Marat Khusnutdinov, C/LW – SKA St. Petersburg (KHL)

Alter: 19
Height/Weight: 5-11/176
Produced: 2020 second round, 37ºoverall from Minnesota Wild

The Russian sprinter is something of a joker. He's playing good minutes at 19 in the KHL, which is impressive, but he doesn't produce much offense. His 11 points in 29 games is a far cry from his MHL production of 38 points in 44 games. Khusnutdinov also performed well for Russia as an 18-year-old at WJC 2021, scoring five points in seven games.

His letters are his speed and his engine. He is very active both offensively and defensively. At 5-11 and 176 pounds, he needs to fill in to play on the smaller ice in North America. While he's shown lightning offensive advantages, his defensive speed and focus will earn him at least one NHL star as a penalty shootout specialist with potential for more.


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Mikko Koivu

Who is the best player on the Minnesota Wild 2022? ›

Minnesota Wild @ NHL - 2021‑2022 Stats
per 60 Even-Strength
1Kirill Kaprizov1.551
2Kevin Fiala1.408
3Mats Zuccarello0.945
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Top 5 Players Advanced Stats
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Dec 24, 2021

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Mats ZuccarelloUpper Body1/4
Jake MiddletonIllness12/27
Marcus FolignoLower Body12/21
Jonas BrodinLower Body11/28
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Who did the Minnesota Wild pick up? ›

Signed F Matt Boldy to a seven-year contract. Recalled LW Joseph Cramarossa from Iowa (AHL). Reassigned G Hunter Jones to Iowa (ECHL) from Iowa (AHL).

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