AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (2023)

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (1)

Russell of Adel, GAVerified reviewer

Original review: March 7, 2023

My mother had the policy for several years and passed away in January 2023. The appeals process went smoothly and fairly quickly. It would be helpful if they did direct deposit on paychecks, but they don't. A large check or any other check must be mailed with a tracking number. Signature must be required to receive. This company sends your paycheck via regular mail from the US Post Office in a plain white envelope without a return address or any markings. Even the case manager says they are often overlooked or trashed because they look like spam.

Mail is very slow and unreliable. I'm on day 10 when the claims adjuster says the check is in the mail. So there is no way to know if it is free, lost or even sent as they say. I just don't get it, I'm sending a big check in the slowest way possible without being able to track it and make it look like junk mail. I can't recommend them enough because the payoff is incredible.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (2)

Geraldine of Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaVerified reviewer

Original review: March 18, 2022

In January 2021, I contacted AARP Life Insurance Company to purchase a $5,000 policy for my brother. My brother didn't have insurance so I asked him if that was okay. I told him I would pay for it. Since he was no longer living at my house when the papers arrived, I took them to sign a certain part of the form. I asked my brother if I could be the owner as I would like the payments to be withdrawn from my bank account, I gave him a canceled check to start the process. I was the owner, the user, and my daughter was conditioned if I was no longer around to pay the premiums. I was able to afford premiums of $24.30 a month because I had lost my granddaughter two years earlier and no longer had to pay for her. I insured her, my daughter, my granddaughter, my husband, and myself in another insurance company, which was great. I have been in this insurance for more than 50 years.

Great agent and company. All the papers showed that I was the owner, so I concluded that there was a refund control or funds tracking on me. I even paid for an AARP membership for my brother. I have had a membership for years, as has my husband. For a year, AARP refused to accept the papers making me the owner as my brother and I had agreed. Allegedly, from the beginning, he was forced to change the papers without my knowledge. I had all the details of the policy and set up an online account that always referred me to David when I logged in. I have been paying premiums from my bank for over a year until February 26, 2022. This year my brother got a new girlfriend who finally took over and told him she would buy him a $10,000 life insurance policy and he would pay what it cost $42.00 per month. I continued to receive mail at home.

David moved from his previous address. I used to deliver mail to his house and even encouraged him to call them. At some point at the beginning of the insurance, they changed and that where I did not have the right to vote. When I called them to stop taking the money from my check, I was told I had nothing to say. They had to talk to him. I was crazy. I paid for the whole year and he has control of my money. I texted his new girlfriend and asked them to stop taking my money from my private bank account and he completely canceled the insurance they claimed he had. My brother is illiterate and doesn't understand easily so I needed the ability to communicate with his insurance provider. They cut me off and sent him papers to change things without my knowledge.

I made the payment on 3/10/22 and they accepted it to keep the policy valid as when I checked. They finally canceled it and sent a refund to my brother on his behalf which I have to request. I was scammed by this AARP NYL insurance company. Why did you change the paperwork to allow someone who doesn't understand and can be easily manipulated by anyone, not his family. His older sister made an effort to leave this world halfway, and not in a cardboard coffin. I think I should get back my $24.30 for the whole year they took from my bank. I initiated this insurance contract and NYL did what they wanted with it. Buyers beware.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (3)

John iz Slidella, LAVerified reviewer

Original review: March 5, 2022

He had an AARP NY life insurance policy. Apparently my $10,000 policy was changed to a $5,500,000 policy. I have not been able to discuss this with customer service as the policy number I registered is no longer valid. I was still being charged the premium. I made three phone calls to get a copy of the 5,500,000 policy (which I don't remember changing). I canceled the policy only to find that the users listed were not the ones I originally listed. My wife was listed as the first payee (correct), but her address and date of birth and SSN were incorrect. Another recipient was "brother-in-law Kevin **" (no address or other details given). I don't have such in-laws. The recipient information was updated and the cancellation form was sent to AARP. To wait.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (4)

AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (5)

David from Polk City, IAVerified reviewer

Original review: March 3, 2021

My father had life insurance through AARP, got sick and died. He missed his last payment due to fraud on his account and was honored by AARP. I want to cry because I wasn't sure how we were going to be able to afford everything, including funeral expenses etc. They really are real people with morals and values, not a soulless company. Thank you.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (6)

Martha from Lancaster, CaliforniaVerified reviewer

Original review: December 5, 2020

My husband and I both had life insurance. His $15,000 a month policy was $64.98 and rose to $112.88. My policy was 15,000 a month and 13.69 went up to 19.48. We were not informed of these changes and I am disabled, my husband retired and cannot continue to make these payments. As the company said, I will not be compensated and I have actually lost all that money in the last 6 years. Bad life insurance and I would not recommend it.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (7)

Cheryl from Charlotte, North CarolinaVerified reviewer

Original review: September 4, 2020

This is a reliable company with a wide range of products, especially without a health check. If you have a pre-requisite, most are accepted. It is based on the information you provide. As always if you are under 50 this would be good for you and reasonably priced.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (8)

AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (9)

Larry from Key West, FloridaVerified reviewer

Original review: August 20, 2020

I am 72 and signed up 4 years ago and every year I check with other insurance companies to see if their lifetime interest rate is $10,000 and New York AARP is still the best and lowest premium.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (10)

AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (11)

Georgia to Arlington, TexasVerified reviewer

Original review: July 12, 2020

I purchased $75,000 NY Life/AARP life insurance for $195/month, which requires a monthly electronic payment from our bank. He filled out one and signed it. My husband suffered 3 strokes during spinal surgery and was unable to speak, walk or remember clearly for a year. I checked our account every month to make sure who was drawing. After almost losing my husband of 55 years, I finally felt the need to increase his insurance amount. When I looked I never got the policy or a copy of the "certificate", I've been trying to get one of those for months and finally got one a few months ago. Without notifying us and without getting another authorization, THEY REDUCED our coverage to $32,000 and RAISED our monthly premium to $322.

We asked for a copy of the "power of attorney" several times, but they still haven't sent it to us. My bank will not credit my account for over a year of UNAUTHORIZED payments and NY Life/AARP has not returned those payments. Now we are forced, at 77 years old and without any income, to pay a lawyer to COMPETE all these people to return our money and also arrest them for theft.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (12)

AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (13)

Mary of Adams, NEVerified reviewer

Original review: April 23, 2020

I renewed my membership on August 4, 2020. Since then I have received many bills. Why the hell do they keep saying I didn't pay. I can confirm that it has been deposited into my bank. To me it looks like scammers trying to make you lose money. It's not safe at all.

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AARP life insurance reviews and insurance customer ratings (14)

John of Clovis, CaliforniaVerified reviewer

Original review: February 19, 2020

NO customer service. Waste of money. AARP is not worth the money. They receive a fee/commission for selling United Health and will not help you if you have a problem with what they are promising. Buy from Cigna. United also has a lot of bad reviews. Their customer service is terrible.

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