Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (2023)

Glastonbury 2023 has come to an end, culminating in a spectacular performance by Elton John in what could be his last performance in the UK.

Door toGlastonburyhas officially closed, ending an extraordinary five-day British music extravaganza.

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (1)ADVERTISING

Over 210,000 revelers flock to Worthy Farm in Somerset to experience the world's best grassroots musicfestival.

The team boasted on the front pagesArctic Monkeys,Guns and rosesand the iconic Elton John, who graced the stage with his landmark Glastonbury debut, potentially marking his final UK appearance.

From the dramatic interruption of Lana Del Rey's performance to the surprise appearance of the Foo Fighters, the festival was full of unforgettable moments.

If you think you missed the magic, don't worry because we've put together a guide to all the highlights of this year's festival.

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The audience guides Capaldi through his set

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (2)

In a deeply moving and honest performance, Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi bares his soul on stage, pushing through despite the challenges.

After all scheduled pre-festival performances were canceled due to psychological reasons, speculation began as to whether they would even go on stage.

During his performance at Glastonbury, it was clear that Capaldi was struggling with tics caused by Tourette's syndrome, and his voice was strained.

However, he managed to survive and create an incredibly moving set.

"I'm really sorry. You're all gone, and my voice is really failing," he humbly admitted to the crowd. "We'll play two more songs if we let, even if I can't play all the notes."

While performing his chart-topping hit "Someone You Loved," Capaldi was clearly struggling emotionally to finish the song, prompting the large crowd to jump in and fill in the gaps.

Foo Fighters do not surprise with their performance

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (3)

The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival on Friday was as electrifying as it was legendaryFoo Fighterzyplayed an unsurprising set that unleashed an avalanche of their greatest hits.

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (4)ADVERTISING

"You knew it was us all along, didn't you?" frontman Dave Grohl joked. "It's great to see your faces again."

The iconic rock band presented an impressive one-hour setlist, marking their first return to the festival in six yearsThe tragic death of drummer Taylor Hawkinslast year.

During the performance, Grohl dedicated his last song "Everlong" to his late friend and bandmate.

Grohl reappeared over the weekend, joining The Pretenders on stage the next day and later Guns'n'Roses for their headline act.

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Lana Del Rey is cut

Lana Del Rey's main performance at the Other Stage was definitely one to remember.

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (5)ADVERTISING

Arriving 30 minutes late, Del Rey spoke candidly to the crowd, admitting, "I'm sorry. My hair takes up a lot of time."

“If they cut the power, they cut the power. I'm so fucking sorry, my hair is taking up so much time," she added.

Inevitably, as the clock struck midnight, her show was interrupted.

After turning off his microphone, the American singer-songwriter started shouting from the side of the stage trying to communicate with his loyal fans.

In a flash of brilliance, Del Rey gathered her followers and invited them to join her in an impromptu and stunning acapella performance of her breakthrough hit "Video Games."

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (6)ADVERTISING

People gladly accepted the invitation and united, which resulted in a beautiful and unforgettable moment.

The child who walked stole the show

Central Cee's performance at The Other Stage was full of big surprises and special guests, including British rapper Dave who joined him on his number one hit "Sprinter".

However, there was one rather petite guy who stole the show.

Central Cee decided to present an adorable little boy who stars in the "Sprinter" music video.

Cate Blanchett wears boogie

Oscar winner Cate Blanchett surprised the Glastonbury crowd by joining American pop-rock duo Sparks for a stunning performance of "The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte," which features in the music video.

“We recently shot the music video for this song and had the great honor of having the beautiful actress Cate Blanchett on board. Where are you, Cate Blanchett?" said frontman Russell Mael.

Amidst the anticipation, Blanchett burst onto the stage in the iconic yellow suit and red headphones from the music video for "The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte" and treated the crowd to a hilarious display of funny moves.

Max Richter and Tilda Swinton make their Glastonbury debut

Cate Blanchett was not the only Oscar-winning actress to attend this year's festival.

Tilda Swinton was surprised during the performance of the German-British composer Max Richter.

Richter and his band mesmerized the crowd with an orchestral rendition of his acclaimed 2004 'protest' album The Blue Notebooks, which was recently hailed by Euronews Culturethe greatest European album of the 21st century.

Joining Richter and the orchestra, Swinton captivated the audience with her moving spoken word, embracing the works of eminent poet Czesław Miłosz.

But the surprises did not end there. A naked man unexpectedly tried to disrupt the performance by approaching the microphone used to record the audience. But the security quickly intervened and escorted him.

Rina Sawayama told Mattyja Healya

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (7)

During her performance, Japanese-British pop singer Rina Sawayama criticized her bandmate Matty Healy, lead singer of the band 1975, for his controversial comments on an American podcast in February.

"I wrote another song because I was tired of microaggressions. Tonight this song is for the white guy who watches Ghetto Gaggers and makes fun of Asians on the podcast. He also owns my masters. I've had enough," she said introducing her song "STFU!".

Billy Nomates faces internet trolling

Singer-songwriter Billy Nomates, 33, has asked the BBC to remove footage of her performance at Glastonbury on the Park Stage after being hit by a wave of online hate.

"I asked for all recordings to be removed. I know what I do is not for everyone. I know a lot of people. Don't judge me. "But the level of personal abuse in public is too high," she said.

"After this summer, there will be no more performances. You wouldn't stay in a workplace that did that to you. Why would I do that?", she adds.

Zbogom Yellow Brick Road

Glastonbury 2023: Here are the highlights you may have missed (8)

Sir Elton John, a cult and respected legend of British music, took to the Glastonbury stage for the first time and closed the festival on Sunday night.

"I never thought I'd be playing Glastonbury - and here I am," he exclaimed, clearly delighted at the opportunity.

He did not miss the significance of the evening and added: "This is a very special and emotional night for me because it may be my last performance in England, in Great Britain."

Commanding the Pyramid Stage, the 76-year-old maestro opened his set with the timeless classic "Pinball Wizard," followed by a string of his biggest hits including "Your Song" and "I'm Still Standing."

During the extraordinary two-hour performance, "Rocket Man" graciously invited the other performers to join the stage. Rina Sawayama joined him for a beautiful performance of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". Not to be outdone, Brandon Flowers of The Killers brought his charm to the duo's "Tiny Dancer."

In a particularly touching moment, Sir Elton John paid tribute to his late friend and musical collaborator George Michael by dedicating his favorite hit "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" to the music legend.

The performance has undoubtedly gone down in Glastonbury history as one of the most extraordinary and unforgettable spectacles ever seen.

Continuing his international journey, Sir Elton John embarks on his ongoing 'Elton's Farewell Yellow Brick Road' tour which kicked off in Pennsylvania, USA in September 2018.


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