How connectivity and advanced technology can help solve the energy crisis | Nokia (2023)

In a world where there is no green without digital, we look at six interesting approaches to address the energy crisis.

As the global energy crisis deepens,California ISO network operatorrecently sent text messages to residents to limit their energy use and warned that there could be extended power outages. They were encouraged to avoid using large devices and to unplug unused electronic devices. Although further power outages were averted, just hours later, more than 50,000 Californians experienced a power outage.

This is not an isolated case. a huge one in octoberpower outage in bangladesh140 million people were plunged into darkness for more than six hours. Meanwhile, some of Europe's biggest banks are installing backup generators and doing everything they can.ATMs and online banking won't turn off. Deutsche Bank, with 1,400 buildings in Germany, shuts off hot water in bathrooms, adjusts workplace temperatures and turns off all interior branch lights at night.

The global energy crisis has highlighted our overreliance on fossil fuels and the need to transform the electricity grid to better support the transition to renewable energy. Households and businesses must also switch to more sustainable options. Here are some interesting and curious ways in which connectivity and advanced digital technologies can help.

Harvesting solar energy from space

Scientists have suggested building oneSatellite that could collect solar energyand transport it to Earth for use. While the concept, space-based solar power, is theoretically possible and could help solve fuel problems in the long run, the project won't be easy.

Technological advances are required, including space-based manufacturing and robotic assembly, high-efficiency photovoltaics, high-performance electronics, and high-frequency beamforming. Meanwhile, studies are also underway on the effects of low-power microwaves on human and animal health and compatibility with aircraft and satellites.

Although far from complete, the project, known as Solaris, is intriguing and comes at a time when global interest in space-based solar power has reached an all-time high. Britain has unveiled its Space Power Initiative, while the US, China and Japan prepare for in-orbit demonstrations.

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How connectivity and advanced technology can help solve the energy crisis | Nokia (1)

How can you help:Scientists at the forefront of new technologies are experimenting with solutions to address a global problem facing humanity. If successful, space-based solar power will be well positioned to be a clean, abundant, and secure source of energy.

ports are connected

Ports around the world are changing the way they power ships and equipment and move goods through the use of electricity. New shore power systems allow ships to shut down auxiliary diesel engines and connect them to the shore power system. The use ofsmart port infrastructure– from connected boats to predicting weather and water conditions – this success story continues.

Meanwhile, a study ofElectric Highways Consortiumsuggests that an Electric Highway System (ERS) is probably the fastest and most efficient way to decarbonise UK freight transport. The rollout of an ERS, consisting of electrification cables dangling from the inner lanes of major highways and a series of static charging installations across the country, would result in an ERS-powered truck requiring three times less energy than a hydrogen-powered truck, which would speed up the switch to diesel. would do .

How connectivity and advanced technology can help solve the energy crisis | Nokia (2)

How can you help:current shipmentcauses 17% of global emissions. Any shift from fossil fuels to more efficient and sustainable forms of energy will help address the energy crisis at its source.

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Twice the life of electric car batteries

Governments around the world are supporting electric vehicle (EV) technology.The EU (European Union), the United Kingdom, Iceland and NorwayWe expect sales of new gasoline and diesel vehicles to phase out by 2030 or 2035. In the US, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Washington will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035.India aims to have a 40% electric vehicle fleet by 2030, and China, with the most common today, has set a goal of having at least one in five by 2025.

Although electric vehicles are considered one of the most sustainable modes of transportation, the manufacturing process for batteries remains a cause for concern. To counter this, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology argue that used EV car batteries can bereused for at least a decadeas backup storage for solar energy.

How connectivity and advanced technology can help solve the energy crisis | Nokia (3)

How can you help:Research suggests discarded EV batteries can do thissupport power grids, cutting costs during peak periods, providing backup power for places like hospitals, and supplementing renewable energy sources like solar and wind. According to McKinsey, discarded EV batteries could be used by 2030provide 200 gigawatt hoursof energy storage worldwide each year.

AI can help reduce energy consumption

buildings almost matterone third of world final energy consumption. While electric vehicles are on the rise, only 20% of buildings will be new by 2050. Therefore, optimizing energy systems in existing buildings should be a priority.

Retrofitting old buildings with AI and IoT based solutions will make them more efficient. Access to better data, modern construction methods, and a digital-first mindset, such as the use of new digital investigative techniques, includingdrone photogrammetryto quickly create 3D models of built assets, you could start a modernization revolution.

The best known example is theEmpire State building. Equipped with advanced technologies such as wireless sensor technology to monitor cooling, power, room temperature and indoor air quality, the iconic New York building is a beacon of modernization. One tenant, Skanska USA, occupying the 32nd floor benefited from a 57% reduction in their electric bills compared to their previous residence.

How connectivity and advanced technology can help solve the energy crisis | Nokia (4)
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How can you help:Many existing buildings are inefficient and consume a lot of energy. AI and Internet of Things (IoT) applications can replace construction operations with a centralized, cloud-enabled model that provides end-to-end visibility into all systems and means that people and organizations remain at the forefront of management. of energy consumption.

Microgrids offer energy savings for small communities

Saving energy is vital for homes and large companies. The ultimate goal is to reduce costs and achieve greater fuel efficiency, and to achieve this goal,Microrredenare emerging trends that are having far-reaching implications for renewable energy.

noSan Diego, already has microgrids in its port, zoo and two military bases, but that is not enough. The Southern California city is seeking eight more microgrids for city facilities, including solar power, storage, and electric vehicle charging. Operating independently, providing flexibility and performance, microgrids can strengthen grid resiliency while mitigating outages, even during outages.

How connectivity and advanced technology can help solve the energy crisis | Nokia (5)
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How can you help:Microgrids can help save on energy bills for homes, communities, and small businesses in times of crisis. For example, when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012, Princeton University was demonstrating how to keep power running for residents, emergency services, and essential facilities when its microgrid shut down completely, generating all electricity for The Campus. However, as with any technology initiative, the logistics are always complex. our newReal Action-VideoserieSee how influencers in the space are trying to make it work in practice.

Achieve energy goals with digital twins

digital twinscan provide more accurate information to improve decision-making by helping various stakeholders assess how an organization is using energy and where improvements can be made through digital replicas that closely mimic their real-world counterparts.

Nanyang Technical Universityhe wanted to create the greenest campus in the world and meet ambitious goals in terms of energy efficiency, waste management and water consumption. A digital twin helped improve the effectiveness of campus cooling systems by analyzing alternative scenarios based on expected building performance across the campus portfolio. The results indicated that a centralized system could be part of the solution to overcome the energy crisis and reduce CO2 emissions throughout the operational life cycle.

How connectivity and advanced technology can help solve the energy crisis | Nokia (6)

How can you help:Digital twins can show the best paths towards a low carbon future. They can enable the development and maintenance of smart grids, resulting in faster power restoration and outage reversals. These data-driven representations of physical systems can also use IoT sensors and analytics to manage assets and resources while improving performance. Digital twins in particular, along with previous examples of connectivity and advanced technologies, are becoming an essential tool in addressing immediate energy issues and tackling the climate crisis.

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How can technology help in the energy crisis? ›

They can enable the development and maintenance of smart grids, leading to faster power restoration and outage reversal. These data-driven representations of physical systems can also use IoT sensors and analytics to manage assets and resources while improving performance.

What is the best solution to the energy crisis? ›

Move to renewable energy

Homegrown renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy, far cheaper than gas, and onshore wind and solar farms are the fastest to build. Soaring gas prices are fuelling the cost of living and climate crisis. Gas is the UK's main source of heating, used in around 80% of properties.

What advances in technology will aid the transition to a more sustainable energy future? ›

The advances in technology that will aid the transition to a more sustainable energy future include rooftop water heaters, single wind turbines, solar cell panels, hybrid cars, and plug in electric cars. These advances will eliminate the dependency on large centralized power systems such as gasoline-powered vehicles.

How the different energy resources can help us in solving the current environmental issues? ›

Solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and geothermal power can provide energy without the planet-warming effects of fossil fuels. In any discussion about climate change, renewable energy usually tops the list of changes the world can implement to stave off the worst effects of rising temperatures.

Can technology solve the climate crisis? ›

The most effective response, both agree, is to reduce emissions. “Even in the U.S., technology isn't going to mitigate the majority of the damage from climate change,” Moscona said. “Whereas reducing emissions now could have big consequences.”

How can technology prevent the current climate change crisis? ›

Climate technologies that help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions include renewable energies such as wind energy, solar power and hydropower. To adapt to the adverse effects of climate change, we use climate technologies such as drought-resistant crops, early warning systems and sea walls.

What are the main reason of energy crisis? ›

What is causing it? Energy prices have been rising since 2021 because of the rapid economic recovery, weather conditions in various parts of the world, maintenance work that had been delayed by the pandemic, and earlier decisions by oil and gas companies and exporting countries to reduce investments.

What is the best solution in reducing energy waste? ›

6 ways to cut big waste in our energy system
  • Switch to renewable energy.
  • Reduce methane leaks.
  • Pick power sources that use less water.
  • Minimize energy loss along wires.
  • Give people only the voltage they need.
  • Boost energy-saving tools for homes.
  • Help launch these solutions.

What two areas are key for solving the US energy crisis? ›

According to some politicians, what two areas are key for solving the US energy crisis? Efficiency would reduce the amount of energy used, and innovation would allow new energies to be tapped.

What are the new technologies developing to make energy? ›

Many industries are implementing changes and focusing on creating more sustainable environments, from solar power, energy storage, electric vehicles to innovative heat pumps, hydrogen technologies, smart electricity grids and more alternatives for coal, oil and gas.

What is new energy solutions technology? ›

This approach includes the transformation of the energy system and the urgency to adopt technologies that drive the growth of clean energies in order to stop global warming. To this end, it has become a pioneering company in the development of clean energy storage and hybridisation solutions.

What is the most important technological need regarding energy? ›

In my opinion the most important technological need regarding energy is a way to make our sources of energy cheaper, safer, and acceptable to use within society. This is seen within inexhaustible resources which are good for the environment and are cheaper to process for energy to be made from.

How do you think renewable energy can solve the current climate change issues? ›

Renewable energy produces zero waste. There are no carbon emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change or air pollution. It is, thus, one of the best choices for countries combating the climate change problem.

Which renewable energy resources are help to overcome energy crisis? ›

especially the commercial sources are generally exhaustible (except hydropower). There are three sources of energy which are commonly termed as non-conventional sources i. e. solar energy, wind energy and tidal power, which can be used to solve the problem of energy crisis.

How can we make energy use more sustainable? ›

Using smaller, more energy-efficient cars or switch to an electric or hybrid car. Switching off lights, power sockets, phone chargers and TVs when not in use. Recycling and reusing plastics and oil-based products. Using energy-efficient light bulbs and rechargeable batteries.

What technology can solve climate change in today's time? ›

Among the various clean energy technologies available now, wind and solar will remain the cheapest and fastest ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector by 2030, according to the IPCC.

What technology could help fight climate change? ›

In terms of renewable technologies, wind and solar power can make the deepest cuts to net emissions in the short term. Research, increased demand and innovation have made wind and solar energy one of the cheapest energy sources out there, cheaper even than fossil fuels.

How can technology help the environment? ›

Modern environmental technology has enabled us to capture this naturally occurring energy and convert it into electricity or useful heat through devices such as solar panels, wind and water turbines, which reflects a highly positive impact of technology on the environment.

What is the impact of technology in climate change? ›

This increases energy consumption – directly leading to more fossil fuels being burned. Modern planes, cars, trains and ships have made it possible for us to travel all around the world. But their technological developments, along with the number of people driving and traveling – has led to more carbon emissions.

What are 5 ways in which we can use our technology smarter to mitigate climate change? ›

Here are five top candidates.
  • Carbon capture, removal, and storage.
  • Renewable energy. ...
  • Batteries and energy storage. ...
  • Smart homes, buildings, cities, grids, agriculture. ...
  • Remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions.
Feb 8, 2023

What is energy crisis How can it be prevented? ›

The energy crisis can be solved by efficient utilization of fossil fuels, avoiding wastage of energy and increasing our reliability on non-conventional sources of energy.

What is energy crisis short answer? ›

The fast depletion of the non-renewable concentrated sources of energy is known as the energy crisis. Any severe blockage in the delivery of energy resources to an economy is referred to as an energy crisis.

What are examples of energy crisis? ›

Famous energy crises include the 1973 oil shortage, as mentioned above, but other examples are the 1990 oil price shock caused by the Persian Gulf War, the 2000-2001 California electricity crisis, which caused blackouts across the state, and the 2008 Central Asian energy crisis, caused by low water levels in an area ...

What are three things that you can do to save energy? ›

Turning off the light when you leave the room, unplugging appliances when they're not in use and walking instead of driving are all examples of energy conservation.

How we can reduce the use of energy? ›

Properly insulate and air seal your home. Select an energy-efficient heating system that doesn't use electricity. Electric water heating -- Purchase an Energy Star heat pump water heater and operate it efficiently. Reduce your “always-on” appliances.

How did the US respond to the energy crisis? ›

In response, President Richard Nixon instituted a rationing program intended to safeguard American oil supplies and ensure continued low prices. Nixon's policy helped lead to shortages at gasoline stations.

What are the effects of energy crisis on environment? ›

The environmental problems directly related to energy production and consumption include air pollution, climate change, water pollution, thermal pollution, and solid waste disposal. The emission of air pollutants from fossil fuel combustion is the major cause of urban air pollution.

What were the positive impacts of the energy crisis in America? ›

The Crisis also helped bring the realization that energy should be sought out in different forms, which has slowly paved the way to find cleaner more efficient ways to produce energy domestically. Many of the concerns in the United States also prompted new and advanced ways to improve on fuel using machines.

Why is energy technology important? ›

Energy technology is important because the most basic of the energy services it delivers—such as heat for cooking and boiling water and making winter in cold climates survivable—are fundamental human needs and because energy for mining, manufacturing, materials processing, construction, transport, communication, ...

What is an example of energy technology? ›

Examples of clean energy technology

Some of the most common examples of clean energy sources include solar, wind, water, geothermal, bioenergy, natural gas, and nuclear power.

What are examples of energy power technology? ›

We convert fossil fuel energy into electrical power in power plants. That power is then used for things such as lighting our homes, operating air conditioners, and running electric motors.

What are energy efficient technologies? ›

Energy efficient technologies can be found in all parts of the energy conversion chain: from exploration and production of primary energy resources, to power generation and oil refineries to electricity grids, to the final use in industry, buildings and transportation.

What is smart energy solutions? ›

Smart energy solutions comprise of devices like smart meters and smart grids that are used to gather relevant data. This data constitutes parameters related to flow of electricity and can vary from the performance of equipment to energy utilized by the end consumers.

What are advanced energy systems? ›

Advanced Energy Systems is a solar power company serving commercial, municipal and residential clients. Based in Eugene, Oregon, our company is a leader in renewable energy and photovoltaic systems.

How technology has improved energy? ›

Advancements, such as multi-well pad drilling, multiple fracture stages, and improved well and pipe design, have already boosted drilling efficiencies significantly. Producers also are using fewer rigs to extract more oil and gas in less time, which keeps costs down.

How technology is changing the energy industry? ›

IoT-enabled devices can benefit drilling management and improve health and safety in offshore oil and gas (O&G) production. Interconnected static sensors, mobile sensors, and cameras can provide real-time data for preventive maintenance, monitoring energy assets, and optimal decision-making in O&G production.

How has technology affected energy use? ›

In addition, technological innovation driven by ICT is allowing new energy or machines to emerge with low energy consumption, which reduces reliance on fossil fuels and thus it is conducive to energy protection to a certain extent. Therefore, ICT will affect energy security through industrialization and urbanization.

What is the best energy source to help conserve our environment and why? ›

Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, emit little to no greenhouse gases, are readily available and in most cases cheaper than coal, oil or gas.

What are the benefits of green technology? ›

There are many advantages of green technology includes: it is environmentally friendly that means no harmful emission to the air, does not require a lot of money for its operation, never run out because of its renewable technology, it helps to reduce CO2 emission in the air, it reduces global warming.

How can we reduce the use of energy in climate change? ›

Use less energy by lowering your heating and cooling, switching to LED light bulbs and energy-efficient electric appliances, washing your laundry with cold water, or hanging things to dry instead of using a dryer.

Is renewable energy the solution to power crisis? ›

Due to the increasing energy consumption globally, we are facing a shortage of fossil fuels. No wonder sustainable energy solutions are increasingly be seen in most countries right now. Fortunately, the energy crisis can be prevented with the help of sustainable energy solutions.

Are renewables the answer to the energy crisis? ›

Renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels

The energy crisis is an economic crisis. Given that renewable energy is cheaper than traditional fuels like gas, they could easily provide a way out of the economic cost that comes from being reliant on fossil fuels.

How is sustainable energy sustainable? ›

It is highly unlikely, if not impossible that renewable energy can run out. Renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydropower will not run out, based on their ability to replenish naturally.

What is the most sustainable energy solution Why? ›

Wind energy is one of the most sustainable forms of energy currently available. It harnesses the power of naturally moving air to spin wind turbines, which in turn generate electricity. Not only is this great because it provides a regenerative form of energy, but it also does so without greenhouse gas emissions.

How can technology help us with climate change? ›

There is tech that reduces or stops emissions being released and tech that removes existing emissions from the atmosphere. Then there's tech that improves energy efficiency, tech that helps us adapt to a changing planet, as well as tech that helps improve our understanding of our planet.

Can technology help us stop natural disasters? ›

Preparedness: Technology can be used to help create and implement emergency plans. It can also be used to monitor potential threats, such as weather patterns that could lead to a natural disaster. Response: In an emergency, technology can be used to coordinate and manage the response effort.

How can digital technology help accelerate the energy transition? ›

Digital technologies play an important role in the transition to a net-zero emissions future, reducing the carbon footprint of our own operations; helping us offer low carbon energy solutions to our customers and enabling the next generation of clean energy technology.

How technology is used in energy sector? ›

IoT-enabled energy storage and analytics tools can analyze market data to help reduce the imbalance in the supply and demand of renewable energy. Through an integrated network enabled by IoT, Geothermal energy can be remotely produced and managed.

What are the positive effects of technology on environment? ›

Positive Effects of Technology on Environment

Through technology, waste materials are recycled and produce products like animal feeds. Dirty water is recycled and ends up being used by human beings. These recycling acts save money, preserve natural resources, and avoid environmental damages.

What are the advantages of advanced technology in disasters? ›

Technology Assistance at Disaster Sites

For instance, drones and robots have been used to locate survivors and transmit information to emergency teams. They have also been used to drop humanitarian aid.

Why is technology good for emergencies? ›

Technology can make it easier for responders to assess threats, share information and plan emergency responses.

How does advanced technology help us to prevent ourselves from disaster? ›

GIS can be used to create detailed maps of an area affected by a disaster. This information can be used to identify safe routes for evacuation, as well as potential locations for relief camps. Other useful technology resources include weather forecasting systems and early warning systems.

What is a positive impact of energy and power technology? ›

The components of total net benefits include reduced electricity consumer bills, changes in generator profits and government revenue, health benefits from reduced air pollution, and climate benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

What is an example of an energy efficient technology? ›

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are considered top-tier in terms of energy efficiency, and their prices have recently become more competitive with other efficient lighting technologies such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).


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