Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (2023)

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (1)

Kevin from Newark, DEVerified reviewer

Original review: January 14, 2023

Ever since her mother returned after her fall at dawn and failed rehabilitation, she has not been heard from. breastfed for 14 of the last 18 months. Although the state of Delaware regulates this position, the state of Delaware has been notified and Robert** of DHCQ believes that Sunrise has done its best. I was dealing with my mother's drug overdoses, wounds from lack of care, and care plans that required more money but no identified source and no treatment plan. DE's condition was brought to my attention, but my only follow up was the eviction notice after my mom was put on hospice through Compassionate Care Hospice.

After I had to plan my mom's move, I was sued for eviction because there was no medical certificate - Delaware Ordinance - that was not found during Robert's review of my retaliation complaint**. So when dealing with long-term facilities in Delaware, know that state regulatory agencies that are funded to support residents and families are stacked like a house of cards supporting facilities that can operate as they please. But if you're brave enough to go through the process, you can win and let your loved one grow old in place — one that calls for so many amenities and prescriptions.

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (2)

Ruth is from Richmond, VirginiaVerified reviewer

Original review: November 9, 2022

The problem: a dementia patient has missed medication (and more), and the staff and administration don't care anymore! I have been trying to make changes (for 4 months now) with the care manager / head nurse / generation manager (I lied) / regional nurse / several external links / links (anon) since I posted the negative review and NO HELP FROM ANYONE. Mom misses showers/laundry/meals/medication, and then we finally find out she's in INDEPENDENT LIVING. There is no mention of independence in the press release and the contract!!! HELP OR RECALL ONLY. She was hospitalized for dementia. They are still on dementia medication from THEIR doctor and staff. The regional nurse has now told us that her doctor says she is alert and consistent. SHE NEEDS HELP! SHE HAS DEMENTIA! Oh wait… the nurse says they can improve the “care” $$$$… What the hell…??

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (3)

Carol iz Drexel Hilla, PennsylvaniaVerified reviewer

Original review: September 10, 2022

My mom has been at Sunrise at Granite Run since November. 2020, and the care in the last 6 months has become very bad! The rooms are dirty, the food is bad, and the nurses sit at the common table and spend hours playing on their cell phones instead of taking care of the residents! The latest is that residents' clothes and bathing equipment go missing every week while the staff is washing their clothes! These custodial staff can't even put a cap or cap on a tube of toothpaste or cream and put it back in its proper place after use! Prices have increased since January 22, 2022 and the latest bill for January 22, 2010 reflects another increase of over $1000.00! Don't send your parents to SUNRISE!

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (4)

Linda from Dovera, NHVerified reviewer

Original review: February 16, 2022

For the past (6) years I have requested a copy of the POWER OF ATTORNEY, FINANCIAL AND MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION from Sunrise Nursing Home, Massachusetts. I'M STILL WAITING! Last week I spoke on the phone (September 2, 2022) with the director of Sunrise: p. how much **. At first, the woman was a bit nice and honest, but our phone conversation quickly turned into an argument. (I've talked to her before, this was our third phone call!)

Mrs.**, reminded me several times that: "YOU LINDA, NEVER VISIT MY DAD AT SUNRISE HOUSE!" ALL the while, claiming that "she is NOT allowed to get involved in family matters." Mrs.** constantly interested me with the remark: "YOUR BROTHER AND HIS BOYFRIEND PAT A. were here often, you take care of your father!" "They handled the visits much better than YOU! did!". "YOUR DAD had access to the phone, so apparently...he never wanted to talk to you!" Here we are and I am so very, very angry and so heartbroken because of MRS ILENE'S DISGUSTING WRONG WORDS ** Please ask the CEO to call me.

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (5)

Brenda from New York, NYVerified reviewer

Original review: December 10, 2021

My mom came to Sunrise senior living in Cresskill Nj in August 2021. They told us the increase was about 3%. She's only been here less than 5 months and they want her annual raise of around $10,000. I called facility management and business management. Both proved useless. Corporations do not answer the phone or return calls. We asked them about the ratio and they negotiated very little. It's clear that their bot lane is their biggest concern. Keep in mind that if you come in the middle of the year, they will significantly increase your prices at the beginning of the year. Due to the COVID-19 disease, these facilities have more rooms due to less demand, so they pass the additional costs on to the residents. Sunrise is constantly opening new locations, so it is clear that they are not afraid of money.

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (6)

Cindy from Centerville, VirginiaVerified reviewer

Original review: April 18, 2020

My father had a terrible experience at this facility. I warn all future families to avoid placing a family member here. Poor staff training doesn't even cover the problems we had which left my father with 2 broken femurs and life threatening health problems. Constant pressure ulcers and IMS! At first he was bound to a wheelchair, he couldn't even sit on the edge of the bed by himself, but they managed to throw him out of the elevator several times because he didn't use the mandatory safety belt and didn't follow the basic care of him. The tragic result of entrusting care to a loved one. Stay away! Be sure to check license violations with the Department of Social Welfare.

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (7)

K. from Glen Ridge, NJVerified reviewer

Original review: February 6, 2020

Check out the latest reviews - The Colonnades has more problems every day. Routine losses of electricity, heat and hot water. A plumbing disaster shut down their kitchen. Food comes from a temporary kitchen. No table service in the dining room - buffet only. The worst thing is that they suffer from a chronic lack of staff. Despite job fairs, they are unable to hire and retain staff, from service staff to nurses to administrators. Those who stay are unpleasant to deal with. I am currently spending on adding a large dining room while the rooms are empty. There are newer, better options in Charlottesville. Look around!

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (8)

Thomas from Santa Monica, CaliforniaVerified reviewer

Original review: December 3, 2019

My mother passed away on May 15 of this year. I ended up getting a loan of over $500. Every month we get a credit report that shows how much credit we have. But as of December 2, we still haven't received the money they owe us. I tried to call accounting at the facility where my mother lived. They don't have an accounting office there, only a commercial office. I left messages, but they didn't return my call. I finally got through to someone. She was very nice and polite and said she would take care of it and get back to me. It was neither cared for nor returned to me.

I tried to find the company's accounting firm, and although I found information about the accounting scandal that nearly bankrupted them and forced the sale of the company, I was unable to find the accountant's phone number. Other than that, our experience at Sunrise was so-so. When my mom moved there, they had a good staff - especially a good activities director. They put him back to part-time work and he had to look for work elsewhere. Other good employees kept leaving due to overtime and low wages. As a starting point, we were supposed to have our own "private time" with my mother 24 hours a day. The place looked good and was relatively clean.

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (9)

Ron from Minneapolis, MinnesotaVerified reviewer

Original review: October 9, 2019

At first glance, Sunrise of Golden Valley appears to be an exceptionally caring institution, but our experience shows that they have serious issues with ethics, fairness and integrity. Two days before my mom was to be transferred from rehab to Sunrise of Golden Valley, they pulled the rug out from under us with no warning or minimal explanation (causing tremendous hardship for my mom and our family).

As it turns out, I was blatantly and repeatedly lied to throughout the sales process about Sunrise's ability, experience and willingness to care for my mother. My mother has dementia with Lewy bodies (the second most common form of dementia). The sales director told me that Sunrise of Golden Valley has a lot of experience caring for many residents with Lewy body and is very well equipped to handle the challenges.

After extensive discussions about my mom's needs, I was convinced that Sunrise was the right solution for her. Nowhere was there any mention of the possibility that my wife was rejected because she had Lewy body. Immediately after Sunrise completed my mother's routine evaluation, I was told that she did everything well, that there were no caveats, and that they would recommend a lower intensity nursing home with Sunrise. She picked out her entire room, we booked the movers, and I even sent a new elevator to their facility.

Two days before Mom was supposed to move to Sunrise, the sales director called me and said "they can't help us." My questions about why were met with vague and evasive answers. This completely unexpected, utterly destructive, last-minute rejection caused tremendous physical, emotional, and financial hardship for my mother (since her insurance ran out in rehab and we had no backup plan because we were convinced we wouldn't need it).

Two months later (after fighting to get my mom placed at a competing center) Sunrise's regional COO admitted to me that Sunrise was not prepared to deal with patients with Lewy bodies, that my mom was turned away because of it, and that I had blatantly and repeatedly lied throughout sales and valuation process.

I find it hard to understand how an institution that shows such obvious care and sensitivity to its residents can treat such an incredibly vulnerable, beautiful elderly woman. But least in this case...they didn't hesitate to lie repeatedly and outright when they thought it might be in their financial interest to do so. Do you really want to entrust these people with the care of your very sensitive elderly loved one?

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Sunrise Senior Living Reviews - Honest, Detailed and Timely (10)

Pasquale iz Krete, ILVerified reviewer

Original review: October 4, 2019

I have had many bad experiences at Sunrise in Palos Park. My brother who has dementia lived there for a short 9 months and I'm glad he won't be coming back. As I was packing my brother's things to take him out, I realized that many of the clothes in his closet didn't belong to him. There were four shoes and none of them fit, they weren't his. I noticed in advance that he was missing clothes and when I complained to the staff, they put other people's clothes in the closet to fill them. I believe Sunrise increased my brother's cost of living without making a profit, the acting CEO exaggerated things about my brother that were simply not true to the point where another nurse apologized for her actions and behavior because she saw how much Diane cared. I

Dementia patients at Sunrise Palos Park live in a secure, gated environment that has one door that cannot be opened without entering a code on a keypad located on the wall next to the door. TWICE the brother left the area. Keep in mind that he doesn't move very fast and he wasn't stealthy, but he was found outside the locked area for dementia patients. When he first left, I was told it was because the gentleman who lives in the nursing home, on the other side of the locked door, had been given a door code so he could come and go freely to visit his wife.

The second time he got out because he followed the cleaning lady who opened the security door for him and let him out without checking the door behind her. Sunrise notified me 5 days after this incident because they called the wrong phone number to contact me. This happened in mid-February 2019, which was the coldest month on record for Chicago weather, and it also went unnoticed through a basic housing facility and out into the cold without a coat. We could not give each other the time he was out.

So when they finally informed me of the situation, they presented it as if he had fled and/or escaped. YOU WILL BELIEVE IT. I asked if this incident was reported to the competent state authority, which I believe is mandatory for this type of institution. I asked for a copy of the report they submitted, but they refused to provide it. I guess that's how they maintain their ratings in this nursing home.

The final draw for me was when Sunrise called to tell me my brother was dehydrated and didn't swallow the water they gave him, they sent him to the hospital and we drove to the hospital to find out he also had a cerebral hemorrhage. to dehydration. The first thing the doctor asked me at the hospital was the bruises all over my body. The doctor asked where he lived and how many times they had called to tell me he had fallen.

I only told him once that he fell off the chair. Also, note that sign-ups for their occasional excursions and lunches purchased at outside restaurants will be added to your account without accruing points for missed lunches. We got extra charges on the invoice for sandwiches, etc. But one really stands out: $36.85 for lunch from the Cheese Cake Factory. (slightly extreme) My advice is don't use Sunrise if you can avoid it.

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