The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (2023)


Located at the foot of theCordillera Azul Mountainsabout 25 miles southwest ofhelena, Dahlonega is one of the oldestBergstädte in North Georgia.

oCiudadWith around 7,500 residents it is best known as the site of the 1828 Georgia Gold Rush, which preceded the California Gold Rush by 21 years and drew thousands of fortune-seeking gold prospectors.

But today it has become a tourist center forNorth-Georgia-Berge, with a variety of historic attractions, shops, hotels and wineries in Dahlonega attracting visitors year-round.

There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Dahlonega to choose from, with a culinary scene that easily rivals that of nearby summit,ellijay, andHelen.

Our favorite Dahlonega restaurants include everything from simple steakhouses and casual cafes to sophisticated Cajun/Creole cuisine and a 4-star dining experience at a popular winery.

Continue reading our guide to the best restaurants in Dahlonega GA for foodies, including Bourbon Street Grille, Smith House Restaurant, Montaluce Winery Restaurant, and more...


Guide to the Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA

  1. Bourbon Street Grille (cajún)
  2. Crimson Moon (South)
  3. Garden products and grill kitchen (BBQ)
  4. The candy factory (chocolate)
  5. Montaluce Winery and Restaurant (good food)
  6. Picnic Coffee & Desserts (Bakery)
  7. Das Smith House Restaurant (Family/Southern Style)

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (1)

1. Bourbon Street Grille (cajún)

90 North Public Plaza • 706-864-0086 • $$

oBourbon-Street-Grillis one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Dahlonega and offers a great taste of New Orleans Creole and Cajun cuisinenorth georgia.

One of several excellent Dahlonega restaurants in Dahlonega Square, the Bourbon Street Grille offers several dining optionsbedroom, a full bar, an outdoor terrace on the lower level and a small balcony on the upper level.

We started the meal with the fried seafood sampler where you can choose from 3 options including shrimp, crab, mahi, fried oysters, and baby crab.

The fried oysters and baby crabs were our favorites - tender, juicy, withLuzbreaded and a delicious remoulade for dipping.

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For mains we chose the classic Gumbo (with chicken and mild sausage over Gouda grits) and the Shrimp & Crawfish Etoufée, which made the most of its intensely flavored roux.

My daughter also enjoyed the Beyond the Bayou burger with mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and Asiago cheese on a brioche bun.

Our only complaint was that the restaurant was full at 5:00 p.m. m. weekdays, so we opted to eat in the noisy bar rather than wait for a table. Next time we'll wait for the dining room.


The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (2)

2. Crimson Moon (South)

24 N Park Street Norte • 706-864-3982 • $$

Founded in 2001, theMonstruo Karminroteris a unique restaurant located in the second oldest commercial building in the historic public square in downtown Dahlonega.

The place is unique in that it's a cozy cafe (think rustic cafe), a lively pub (includingcraft beers, Wine and Cocktails) and that is undoubtedly the bestVenue for live musicin the mountains ofGeorgia.

Built around 1858, the pine dining room offers incredible acoustics and a chance to see great artists up close (see: 105 seats 40 feet from stage).

Local icons like Amy Ray and Zac Brown of the Indigo Girls have performed there and they regularly host up-and-coming singer-songwriters and open mic nights.

The food is also much better than you'd expect from a concert venue, with great sandwiches (try the Ultimate Grilled Cheese or the Little Dive Bar Burger 2.0 with jalapenos and BBQ sauce) and appetizers (the grilled Ahi tuna and the exclusive Gold City The tenderloin are our favorites).

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (3)

3. Field kitchen and grill (BBQ) products

4690 GA-52 • 706-864-8968 • $

If you have ever driven through the intersection of GA-52 and GA-115 on your way to Cleveland orhelena, most likely you have noticedFarm and grill products.

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Framed by a row of carved chainsaw bear statues on one side and a rusty old pickup truck on the other, its hilarious sign reads "ALMOST FAMOUS: NO AWARDS YET."

With his self-deprecating sense of humor, scruffy exterior (including boxes full ofapple orchards) and simple interior, it would be easy to dismiss the place as just another nondescript North Georgia steakhouse.

But try their succulent and tender barbecue and you will understand why we rate them among the restaurantsa Dahlonega, Georgia.

The menu is simple, just a handful of sandwiches, combos, and sides, but the results are truly commendable.

Their BBQ baked beans are by far the best I've ever had mixed with ground beef and bacon and the pulled pork sandwich (which was at least 4-5 inches) will make you wonder why they aren't famous yet.

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (4)

4. The Fudge Factory

8 N Park Street • 706-864-3988 • $

It would be a place that sells nothing butdulceDo you think you qualify as a restaurant? If so, theCandy's factoryIt is one of our favorite restaurants in Dahlonega on the square!

This longtime downtown Dahlonega mainstay opened in 1982 and has been featured in Hallmark Christmas movies like 2016Christmas at the farm.

It's easy to see why: from the charming exterior to the dazzling array of chocolates, syrups, and other confections you'll find inside, the Fudge Factory is a fantastic place to get your sugar rush.

As the name suggests, the buttercream fudge is the biggest draw here.

They have 15 tempting flavors, including strong ones like Butter Brickle and Peanut Butter, as well as delicious seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pie. All are sold by the kilo, samples are available upon request.

They also make some of the best chocolate we've ever had, including gourmet peanut butter cups, dipped pretzels, and beautiful chocolate covered boar's head bacon!

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (5)

5. Montaluce Winery and Restaurant (good cuisine)

501 Hightower Church Road • 706-867-4060 • $$$$

No conversation about the best restaurants in Dahlonega, Georgia would be complete without this.Montaluce Winery, which houses the most romantic restaurant in Dahlonega that we have visited.

The fancy gourmet restaurant is one of two restaurants located on a hilloverlookedthe vineyards of Montaluce and surroundingsMountain Blue RidgeScript.

There is a gift shop with its award-winning wines, a tasting bar and a luxurious dining room with cozy lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows and a roaring fire in the open fireplace.

Their menu features some of the best food in Dahlonega, including appetizers like a charcuterie and cheese board (with 3 meats, 4 cheeses, pickled mustard greens, pickled jalapenos, and more) and a wonderful cheese-crusted sweet potato croquette. brie and topped with balsamic fig glaze is served.

For entrees at Dahlonega Winery, we highly recommend the Deconstructed Shepherd's Pie (including flank steak, purple mashed potatoes, baby carrots, and puff pastry in a delicious stew) and Grilled Duck Breast (served with roasted cauliflower puree, sautéed chard and a black cherry gastrique).

Whatever you do, you MUST leave room for dessert. Bailey's Irish Creme S'Mores are simply divine!

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (6)

6. Picnic Coffee & Dessert (Bakery)

Public Square, 30 • 706-864-1095 • $$

The first of Dahlonega squarerestaurantsWe had dinner, which turned out to be one of our favorite places to eat. It was such a good cafe that we ate there twice during our last 2 day visit!

oPicnic Coffee and Sweetsis a great breakfast spot in Dahlonega, offering freshly baked scones, bagels, pastries and muffins, along with a choice of hot or iced coffees and teas.

We also love the lunch menu (available 11am-6:30pm), particularly the pimento cheese BLT sandwich, the BBQ pork sandwich, and the quiche platter (choose from spinach and mushroom, sausage and cheese). , vegetable or turkey and swiss).

Each one has two sides and all are great for a picnic.the water falls.

But what really sealed it for us were their delicious soups and sides, including a delicious tomato basil soup, spicy chili with chicken and white beans, and the best Brunswick stew we've had in years!

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Dahlonega GA for Foodies (7)

7. The Smith House Restaurant (Family/Southern Style)

84 S Chestatee St • 706-867-7000 • $$

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The story ofthe blacksmith's houseIt dates back to 1884 when Captain Frank Hall purchased an acre east of Dahlonega Town Square to build a home.

Construction finished in 1899, and Hall died of typhus soon after.

Henry and Bessie Smith bought the property in 1922 and converted it into a 7-bedroom guest house with Bessie's home-cooked meals served at the long communal tables that survive today.

My first family-style meal at the Smith House restaurant was for my cousin's wedding rehearsal dinner in 2009.

I was blown away by the succulent fried chicken and roast beef, while the hearty fried okra, slaw, and cornbread brought back warm memories.ApalacheGrandma's home cooking.

They are no longer offering refills today due to COVID concerns, but everything else about the Smith House restaurant remains largely unchanged.

Arguably one of the best places to eat in Dahlonega GA!–by Bret Love; all images by Bret Love and Mary Gabbett, except for the main image of Montaluce Restaurant via Explore Georgia

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